Monday, 24 September 2012

Murdered, just 5 days after his wedding

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September 20, Just 2 days after his honeymoon, and 5 days after his wedding, this young man, Ugochukwu Ozuah, was murdered by men believed to be Lagos state police officers on patrol. The incident happened at about 10pm on Thursday evening as he was escorting a friend who came to pay him a courtesy visit.

The incident was narrated by his friend, Omene, who was with him at the time he was murdered. According to Omene, his late friend gave him a lift to UPS bus-stop along gbagada expressway in his Honda CRV car, after he visited the couple at their residence. On getting to the bus stop, an ash-blue coloured vehicle stopped by their car and armed police officers approached from the vehicle.

“At the end of our lively discussion, Ugo decided to drop me at the estate gate so I could get a taxi because he said taxis are not allowed into the estate where he lived. On that note, we drove to the gate but as we were approaching the expressway, an ash blue car overtook us.

“But they stopped when they approached some policemen who were in front. We both saw them getting down and we thought it was the routine police check.  The next thing, Ugo stopped the car so that we could both flag down a taxi.

  “As we were about to come down, the next thing I heard was either ‘who goes there” or “who’s there’ accompanied by gun shots. As the shots rang out, Ugo fell and I ran to the back of the vehicle to hide.

“The occupants of the vehicle which the police had stopped before ours also ran to the back of Ugo’s vehicle to hide. I then decided to run for help so that they don’t kill all of us. I quickly ran back to the estate.” recounted Omene.

Ugochukwu was subsequently rushed to the hospital where, unfortunately, he was pronounced dead from two bullet wounds to his chest.

Ugochukwu was a 36 year old graduate of Engineering University of Ibadan. He also attended Kings college, Lagos. He was married to his wife, former miss Joan Azubuike. Ugochukwu was the only surviving son of his parents before the gruesome murder.

The Lagos state police command, through its spokesperson, Ngozi Braide, has however denied the allegations that its officers were involved in the death of Ugochukwu. According to the police command, the eye witness stories about the involvement of police officers in the murder are false, and the police has commenced investigations on the incident.

Photos of Ugochukwu Ozuah (late) and wife, Joan


  1. So sad. Bastard police!

  2. how can armed robber kill somebody and not steal anything? people saw them, is police that kill him

  3. i feel for this woman they just turn widow overnight. if is me i promise to kill one policeman back

  4. they use sense here, if thye dont deny lagos people will burn their police station

  5. We have the most fucked up police in the Ugo.

  6. u see d problem of police, rip Ugo.