Saturday, 22 September 2012

Massive Protest in Kano over Anti-Islam movie

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There has been reported massive protest in kano by thousands of muslims over the anti-islam movie recently released in the United States which caused a lot of outrage and violence across the muslim word.

PM News reported that the crowd of protesters stretched several kilometers through the city, chanting slogans like “death to the enemies of Islam”. It is reported that the protest is being organized by the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, a pro-Iranian group that adheres to the shiite branch of islam, who have been in existence in Nigeria since the 1970s.

Mohammed Turi, a member of the Islamic Movement, and one of the protest leaders was quoted as saying "We are out today to express our rage and disapproval over this blasphemous film. This protest is also aimed at calling on the US government to put a halt to further blasphemy against Islam".

Flags of US President, Barack Obama, American and Isreali flags, could be spotted in the crowd being held by protesters, and they were also waving Iranian flags as they matched towards the palace of the Emir of Kano, the top religious figure in Nigeria's officially most populous city. So far, no one has been reported hurt.

There have also been protests in Zaria, Kaduna and Jos cities following the release of the movie "Innocence of Muslims".

It would be noted that the controversial movie has sparked a wave of violent anti-American protests in many Muslim cities in the world, many which have also resulted in many casualties. In Pakistan yesterday, 21 people reportedly died in protests in Karachi. The protests continued today in the capital of Islamabad.

Today's (Saturday) protesters in Kano

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  1. Kano is the most populous city in Northern Nigeria. Lagos is the most populous city in the country.