Saturday, 22 September 2012

Another blackberry scandal in Imo state

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Do you remember the stories about some ladies sexually harassed in Nigerian cities for allegedly stealing blackberry phones? Maybe this video and these pictures will refresh your memory:

Well, there was yet another sexual harassment scandal in Imo state just last weekend; A female undergraduate student in one
of the tertiary institutions was stripped in a night club in owerri for allegedly stealing a blackberry phone belonging to another female. She was identified by the name, Chisom. Her trouble started when the owner of the blackberry phone noticed that her phone was missing, she put a call through with a friend's phone, and there it was, ringing in Chisom's bag. She narrowly missed death by mobbing, thanks to the guards at the night club.

I have few questions for my readers:

1. Is there something extra ordinary about owning a blackberry phone in Nigeria?

2. Is sexual harassment supposed to be the right punishment for stealing?

3. With the many sexual scandals happening around town very recently, is the society and parents paying a fair attention to the moral standards of their subjects and wards?


  1. its nt funny all
    hw many guys hv bein strapped naked 4 stealin?!!
    u guys beta stop dis nonesense

  2. When ladies with low self-esteem put themselves in compromising situations, the result could even be worst. Nigerian ladies are becoming more and more at ease with males and bad males for that matter. Ladies must respect themselves by good morals and avoid bad companies. Police should also look into these matter before it is too late.

  3. Ladies should beta b satisfy wit wht they have. Gud 4 her

  4. Well sorry at least they were not killed.

    1. hmmm who wan kill woman? only arab people de do dat one